Keith in Aspen

1- Who produces Nashville Rising Song?

Nashville Rising Song is produced by Keith Mohr, of Mohr Music Productions. Keith has over 25 years of experience in the music industry, assisting emerging and established artists in their music careers.

Keith founded Indieheaven.com an industry leading resource for Christian artists and songwriters in 1997, and has operated a commercial recording studio (in PA). Keith produces music conferences, a Christian songwriter retreat in Aspen, CO called InspireSong, managed artists, and many other activities. Keith also owns and operates Nashville Song Pitcher and pitches songs to industry personnel for possible publishing, licensing and inclusion on album projects by known artists. Keith created and started a songwriter open mic contest at a popular venue in Franklin, TN in 2009. Nashville Rising Song has grown into the premier discovery vehicles for songwriters, industry and fans of new songs!

2- How does Nashville Rising Song work?

Read the About Page and Rules Page for more info. Also, keep reading down the FAQs.

3- When and where is Nashville Rising Song held?

Read the Events Page for current dates and venue location.

4- Is there a fee to share a song and to vote?

There is no fee to participate, however, we do make available up to 10 optional Guaranteed Performance Slots at each preliminary round for those who want to be assured they will be able to perform their song. See our Signup Page for details!)

5- Do songwriters have to attend all of the preliminary rounds?

No.. songwriters can choose which preliminary rounds they want to participate. Every preliminary round is a brand new event. Some come to only 1 round, or even to all 10. (they get frequent songwriter miles:) However, whoever wins a preliminary round must wait for the semi-final round and compete head to head with the other 19 semi-finalists. Writers can share the same song, or a different song if they participate in more than 1 preliminary round. We have different music industry judges for our rounds so there are always fresh sets of ears to hear the songs.

6- Do Songwriters sign up in advance?

Go to our SIGNUP PAGE for more info on signing up

7- What time should songwriters arrive?

Songwriters should arrive at the venue between 6:00 to 6:30PM to sign up/in.

7- What time does the event start?

The event starts at 7:00PM Sharp.

8- How many songs does each songwriter perform?

Each of the (up to) 21 songwriters at each preliminary round perform 1 original song. (We suggest your HIT SONG) See our RULES PAGE for more info on contest rules! At the semi-final round, each of the 20 semi-finalists share 1 original song. At the finals, the 4 finalists each share 4 original songs.

9- How are the winners selected?

At each of the 10 preliminary rounds, our music industry judges panel will select 1 songwriter/song based on the strength of the song and its commercial potential. Our audience (including the songwriters who perform or are in the audience and online) select their favorite song after the last song has been shared via a voting page. We provide the link to vote at the event and online after the last contestant shares their song.

At the semi-final round, our music industry judges select 3 writers (Our music industry judges will rate each song from 1-100. At the end of the event, we will collect the judges sheets and add up the total rating points for each of the 14 songs. The 3 songs with the most total rate points moves on to the final) and the audience selects 1 to move onto the final round via an online poll. Each of our 20 contestants each share 1 song.

At the final round, each of our 4 finalists will share 4 songs, for a total of 16 songs. Our music industry judges will rate each song from 1-100 (1 least and 100 best). At the end of the event, we will collect the judges sheets and add up the total rating points for each of the 16 songs. We will also factor in which song received the most audience votes, and award the top audience voted song an extra 25 points. We will add the 25 points to our music industry judges points for the song the audience liked the best, and the single song with the most rating points overall will be declared our final grand prize winner.

10- Who are the Sponsors?

We love our sponsors, partners and prize partners! Check out the Sponsor Page for a list of sponsors and partners.

11- What are the Prizes?

Visit our Prizes Page for our list of prizes. There’s some great stuff listed there!

ALL who sign up/in at each preliminary round will be entered to win a prize that’s been provided to us by our Prize Partners  at each prelim event via a random drawing. (must be present to win the prizes, if you leave and your number is drawn, oh well!)

12- Have any of the songwriters in Nashville Rising Song gone on to bigger things?

We’ve connected some to awesome opportunities! One of our contestants, Kelsea Ballerini competed in one of our earlier series when she first hit Nashville. Dani Elliott was referred to and joined Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz Tour as a background vocalist because of our direct hookup! Another was recently signed to Warner/Chappell (Calynn Green), our very first winner was Jason Wyatt (Lost Trailers lead singer and producer). Other’s have been connected to great producers, managers, and countless opportunities because they participated in and took advantage of the relationships we provide through the event! So, why sit home watching “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent” or “The Voice” and wish it were you? Come share your song and be the next Nashville Rising Star!

13- Do you have any tips for songwriters?

Funny you should ask, we sure do! Click HERE