Help us pick the song you thought was the best songwriter/song of Nashville Rising Song Series 4 Final starting at 7:00PM central time Wednesday March 27

Here’s how the final round works and how our grand prize winner will be selected

  • Each of our 4 finalists will perform 4 original songs.
  • Our music industry judges will each write down a number rating from 1-100 for each of the 16 songs on their score sheet. 100 being best. This is based on the commercial potential of the song.
  • We will collect the judges voting sheets after the last song is shared, and add up the totals for each song in a spread sheet.
  • The viewing audience, (at the venue and online) will vote for their favorite song at:, or below. Voting will be open the entire duration of the show, starting at 7PM CT and will close 15 minutes after the final song is performed.
  • The song with the most audience votes will be awarded 25 rate points to be added to the spread sheet where we tabulate total rate points for all songs.
  • The song with the most combined rate points (judges and audience) is the grand prize winning song!