NRS Series 1 Prelim 10

We had a fantastic final open-mic round! 46 songwriters came out to compete, and we expanded the list and 30 writers performed their song live in front of a packed house at Roof and over 12,000 views on our Live Stream! We heard many great songs! We heard many good songs this round!!

Nashville Rising Song Series 1 Prelim Round #10 Winners. From left to right, Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director), Sean Pauley & Brittany Fields (audience winner), Justin Love (music industry judges winner), Mark Barnowski (music Industry judge), Shawn Carnes (music Industry judge), Craig O’Neill (music Industry judge).

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 10:

1- Emily Bronzini
2- Doug Allen
3- Anna Morgan Michel
4- Brandi Brubaker
5- Justin Love
6- Pam Vettenburg
7- Ed Cawthon
8- Hannah Trager
9- Scott Hampton
10- Dina Bach
11- Donald Thomas
12- Jessie Jordan
13- Taylor Hyatt
14- Brittany Fields & Sean Pauley
15- Zachary Laas
16- Lexi Cox
17- Mike Allen
18- Magdalena Quintana
19- Steven David
20- Arianna Lyrist
21- Artis greene
22- Clare Cunningham
23- Angie Keilhauer
24- Alex Smith
25- Haystack Slim
26- Tim Thurman
27-Rose Rodriguez
28- Mandy Z
29- Sarah Jones
30- Glenn Hoffman


Brittany Fields & Sean Pauley (Judges Winner)
Justin Love (Judges Alternate Winner)

Brittany Fields & Sean Pauley and Justin will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday, March 19, 2018 at Tin Roof Midtown. The finals will be held Monday, March 26, 2017 at Tin Roof Midtown.


Shawn is the founder of Nashville Underground Radio and NU Artist Management and co-founder of Nashville Underground Enertainment.

Shawn Carnes is a creative/A&R professional who has worked with the most relevant people in the music industry as an artist manager, publicist and consultant. He has held an artist relations position with the Chameleon/Universal/Island Def Jam Music Group, working with notable producers like Max Martin, Dallas Austin, Timbaland, Sandy Vee and Sean Garrett, who have written for Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, TLC, Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj.

Shawn is a successful songwriter (Gretchen Wilson, Tommy Sims, Bekka Bramlett), a creative consultant and music/media specialist.

Most recently he assists with casting for the TV show “The Voice” (seasons 11-15, bringing 4 top 10 finalists and season 13 winner Chloe Kohanski on the show) and is currently working in artist management.

His passion to evolve, create and work with compelling artists is what will cause him to stand out as a “hands on” music executive.

Shawns eye and ear for talent is impeccable, bringing artists to the forefront that not only have something to say, but also have longevity in an ever changing industry.

Head of Music Licensing at Silver Side Productions

Craig O’Neill has spent over a decade in the music business.

During the first seven years of his career Craig worked at IODA (later Sony Records) in various roles from label management, marketing to music licensing. During this time at IODA/Sony, Craig built out a brand-new licensing division, working directly with their independent roster focused on opportunities for sync. He worked on large licensing campaigns including Google, Apple, Microsoft among others.

In 2012 Craig decided to take the leap as head of creative licensing at Silver Side Productions, a boutique independent licensing company started by music veteran Mike Locke.

Craig is a now a partner at Silver Side Productions with over 500 commercial and television placements including Call of Duty, Mission Impossible 6, Red Sparrow, Atomic Blonde trailers, TV shows and TV promos on ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, HBO, Netflix, Amazon and many more.

Currently, Craig has set up operations in Nashville, working directly with producers, writers and vocalists, developing them with a focus on creating songs specifically for sync.

Mark is the membership director at TSAI, Tennessee Songwriters Association International.

Mark is a singer/songwriter who moved from “Motown” to “Music City” five years ago.

He hit the ground running and in 2015 won the (TSAI) Tennessee Songwriters Association International Male Songwriter of the year award, TSAI’s 2016 Song Of The Year and received a special award from the TSAI Board Of Directors for outstanding contributions to the songwriter/music community.

As an artist, “Mark Edwards” charted 4 top 50 singles and reached #43 on Billboards Adult Contemporary Charts. His Debut single “Just Having Touched” peaked at #15 and was the highest Charting independent AC single in the Gavin Report’s history.

Mark earned 20 Gold and Platinum Records as a record promoter for artists such as Michael W Smith, Bruce Hornsby, Harry Connick Jr. and has a multi- platinum award for promoting the longest running single in Billboard History “How Do I Live” by LeAnn Rimes.