NRS Series 1 Prelim 6

We had another awesome round of Nashville Rising Song! We had a packed house and many great songs were shared! 30 songwriters attended, and we had 21 songwriters share their song. We had over 2000 views our live stream over on our Facebook Page.

We had 2 judges winners tonight, our judges had a tie vote that could not be broken. So, both judges winners will move on to the final round!

Nashville Rising Song Series 1 Prelim 6 Winners. From left to right, Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director) Andrew Smith (Audience Winner), Joybeth Taylor (Judges Winner), Julia Ross (Music Industry Judge), Rob Johnston (Music Industry Judge), David Webb (Music Industry Judge)

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 6:

1- Alex Smith
2- Joybeth Taylor
3- Blake Esse
4- Mulan Throneberry
5- Haystack Slim
6- Auborn McCormick
7- Robert Carter
8- Kathy Wilson Estep
9- Andrew Smith
10- Allie Keck
11- Daniel Golden
12- Anna Vinson
13- Mack Burke
14- Mandy McMillan
15- Kyle Mercer
16- Jess LaCoy
17- Brett Smith
18- Polly Baker
19- Chris Kang
20- Joseph Dissmore
21- Chuck Richard


Andrew Smith (Audience Winner)
Joybeth Taylor (Judges Winner)
Auborn McCormick (Judges Winner)

Andrew, Joybeth and Auburn will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday, March 19, 2018 at Tin Roof Midtown. The finals will be held Monday, March 26, 2017 at Tin Roof Midtown.


Julia Ross has been a performing artist and songwriter since she was 8 years old. Starting out with her sisters as the group “Everlife”, they grew from an independent band performing local/regional shows, to being signed to Hollywood Records.

She began her journey as a solo vocalist about 8 years ago and has since shared the stage singing backup for Miley Cyrus and The Chainsmokers, performing at Wembley Stadium, SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, numerous award shows and arenas world-wide.

Julia has been writing on her own as well and has over 25 million streams on Spotify alone from songs she’s written, produced or provided her vocals to DJs and producers from all different genres. Her latest single “Medicine Man” is climbing.

Julia is currently launching her solo career living in Nashville and Los Angeles and is happy to have time off from the road to continue writing and singing.
Instagram : JuliaIsOfficial

David is the creator of Nashville Dreamin’, a multi-genre, multi-album singer-songwriter music series. David oversees the entire process from concept to online and in-person auditions, selecting singer-songwriters, to recording the songs. Nashville Dreamin is the culmination of passions that he has developed over a three-decade career in production.

Learn more at:

For more than ten years Rob Johnston traveled as a recording artist with his band, The Switch Kids, performing on major tours across the United States, South America and Japan.

As a songwriter, Rob has written and co-produced 4 full-length studio albums with several songs in rotation on national radio, including the single “Turn It Up,” which was a featured pick on Radio Disney.

Currently, Rob is the Creative Director of a nationally syndicated radio show in Nashville and continues to write with artists, focusing on digital storytelling through social media, music videos and short form viral content.