NRS Series 2 Prelim 1

We had an excellent first round of Nashville Rising Song Series 2. We had a packed house and great songs were shared! We had 21 songwriters come out, and all who showed up were able to share their song. We again had a strong group of songwriters at this round! We had over 2000 views our live stream over on our Facebook Page.

Nashville Rising Song Series 2 Prelim 1 Winners. From left to right, Keith Mohr (NRS Creator/Director), Shelley Leatherman (Industry Judge), Warren Garrett (Industry Winner), Sky Shelton (Audience Winner), Sher Ross (Industry Judge)

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 1:

1-Joseph Dissmore
2- Haystack Slim
3- Warren Garrett
4- Chad Marvin
5- Courtney Wite
6- Chuck Richard
7- Ed Cawthon
8- David Hammock
9- Salina Solomon
10- Tucker Kent
11- Ed Sparks
12- Zach Henard
13- Tyler Kemmerling
14- Derick Quince
15- Troy Breslow
16- Sky Shelton
17- Gary Howard
18- Buck Westmoreland
19- Devon Hammock
20- Bellsenburg
21- Peyton Olive


Sky Shelton (Audience Winner)
Warren Garrett (Judges Winner)

Sky and Warren will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday, July 16, 2018 at Tin Roof Midtown. The finals will be held Monday, July 23, 2017 at Tin Roof Midtown.


Sher Ross
Sher is the creative force behind the newest music artist management and artist development company in Nashville, “Last Train Home Nashville”.

Born in Hollywood and raised around music, Sher has always had a knack for discovering and working with amazing talent.

Sher worked for Softdrive Records in Los Angeles where she was an A&R rep. The label was owned by the late Scott Weiland. (Stone Temple Pilots lead singer)

She is currently working with artists from the Voice, and rising stars such as Landon Wall, Courtney Peveler, Taylor Gayle, Ava Paige and many more.

Shelly Leatherman
Owner: Shell-Tone Productions- Multi-Media Productions, Entertainment, Event Management, Music Production, Photography & Video Production Company with a team of professionals thriving in the Entertainment World

She has credits on an entire flood of music projects, national and international branding campaigns and performing roles in motion pictures (The Heart of Summer, Sex Drive, etc) and spending many days working on the set of TV series (Burn Notice). Working on TV Commercial sets with top brands such as Gatorade, scriptwriting for TV shows (Thrill Seekers TV, etc) and hundreds of TV/ Branding Commercials.

A&R and Studio Manager at Dark Horse Music Group

Since moving to Nashville 2 years ago, she has realized her biggest mission in life is helping others develop their music and expand their careers. She has currently launched her own Record Label (White Horse Entertainment) to assist in doing so, creating a platform for true talented Singers, Songwriters and Producers.

Lead Vocalist, songwriter, producer at: Skylo. Shelly is releasing her debut solo album starting with her song “Paradise” May 18th, 2018.

TV Host/Producer at MicCheck.TV

Studied Sound Engineering, Music Business & Live Performance at Florida Institute of Entertainment & Arts

Watch a replay of the round here: