NRS Series 2 Prelim 4

We had an awesome Prelim 4 round of Nashville Rising Song Series 2. We had a packed house and great songs were shared! 31 songwriters come out, and we randomly selected 21 to share their song. We again had a strong group of songwriters at this round! We had over 5000 views our live stream over on our Facebook Page.

Nashville Rising Song Series 2 Prelim 4 winners. From left to right, Tim Thurman (Audience Winner), Andi Renfree (Music Industry Judge), Adam Sickler (Music Industry Judge Winner), Lauren Blaine( Music Industry Judge), Ren Renfree (Music Industry Judge), Keith Mohr (NRS Creator/Director)

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 4:

1-Effron White
2- Claire Cunningham
3- Adam Sickler
4- Brennan Bosworth
5- Lexi
6- Heath Davidson
7- John Thompson
8- Taylon Hope
9- Billy Kelley
10- Tim Thurman
11- Codi Kaye
12- Tucker Kent
13- Emma Ohm
14- David Hammock
15- Ketsiyah
16- Tyler Rodino
17- Jess Fodor
18- Presley
19- Jesse Brady
20- Shane Anderson
21- Macy Tabor


Tim Thurman (Audience Winner)
Adam Sickler (Judges Winner)

Tim and Adam will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday, July 16, 2018 at Tin Roof Midtown. The finals will be held Monday, July 23, 2017 at Tin Roof Midtown.


Andi Renfree
Andi is a Performing Singer/Songwriter with an amazing conceptual and creative base for songwriting. Primarily a lyricist, she is also quite adept at top-line melody creation. She has had over 40 song placements, including “The Buffalo Grass” (co-written with Willie McCullough and Clay Canfield) which was recorded by the late Chris LeDoux on his “Horsepower” CD on Capitol Records. She was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year in the 2011 Texas Music Awards.

Andi is also former founding member of the award winning Texas vocal trio 2-Bit Palomino (2011 & 2013 Texas Vocal Group of the Year) and Currently with Renfree Isaacs. Their new CD was recently released and they have a song impacting radio now.

Ren Renfree
Ren is a Performing Singer/Songwriter and Producer/Engineer. Ren owned Studio Orange, in Southern California and trained under Disney Master Engineer, Don Dorsey. He has worked on numerous projects and his engineering credits include Stevie Wonder and Kenny Loggins, just to name a few.
He has also had nearly 40 song placements. Ren is more of a top-line melodist but is quite adept at crafting a great hook and creative lyrics. Andi and Ren, together, penned the “Roots Americana Radio Chart” single “97 Acres” along with many songs on 2-Bit Palomino’s #5 Roots Americana Record (2015) “Things I Dream About”.

Ren is also an accomplished Singer/Songwriter performing as a founding member of award winning Texas vocal trio 2-Bit Palomino (2011 and 2013 Texas Vocal Group of the Year) and currently with Renfree Isaacs (signed to PuffBunny Records). Ren is also producing, Engineering and doing A&R for Puffbunny.

Together, Andi and Ren own AREN Creative, since 2008, a complete artist services company offering a one stop approach to musical production and artist development services.

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Lauren Blaine
President – Blaine Artist Management (BAM Artist Management)

As an artist manager, she has managed a number of different artists including Bay Area rapper Chill E. B. and new Country performer, Car-mel Helene.

As a songwriter, Lauren’s songs have been placed in films. Currently, one of her songs, “Winter”, co-written by Jess Pierce (Johnny & Joanna Pierce’s daughter) is in a film called “Being Olive” which has been accepted into the Cannes film festival.

As a singer, Lauren has performed with bands, recorded in the studio and/or performed live with Edgar Winter (Frankenstein), Peter Schless (author: “On the Wings of Love), Nicki Hopkins (keyboardist – Beatles and Rolling Stones) and other celebrity artists.

Watch a replay of the round here: