NRS Series 3 Prelim 1

We had an excellent first round of Nashville Rising Song Series 3. We had a packed house and great songs were shared! We had 20 songwriters come out, and all who showed up were able to share their song. We again had a strong group of songwriters at this round! We had over 2000 views our live stream over on our Facebook Page.

The winners of Nashville Rising Song Songwriter Open-Mic Contest Series 3 Prelim 1. From left to right, Jean Nolan Music, James Lugo, Erik Matthews (audience winner), Steven A Cade (music industry judges winner), Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director)

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 1:

1-Candace Brown
2- Sam Bowler
3- Steven Cade
4- Patrick Cole
5- Brooke Hall
6- Dustin Craig
7- Adam Craw
8- Kayla Hawkins
9- Eli Kirk
10- Tyler Johnson
11- Whitney Meritt
12- Andres Hunt
13- Erik Matthews
14- Matthew McNicholas
15- Rachel Smith
16- Ari Natan
17- Miguel (Yetti Tears) Tully
18- Martin Wang
19- Brandon Johnson
20- James Westborn


Erik Matthews (Audience Winner)
Steven Cade (Judges Winner)

Erik and Steven will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday, November 12, 2018 at Tin Roof Midtown. The finals will be held Monday, November 19, 2018 at Tin Roof Midtown.


Jean Nolan is a country artist and songwriter from Austria. In 2010 he released his critically acclaimed award-winning debut album ‘Born Ready’ as well as 3 hit singles to radio. He toured and played some of Austria’s most prestigious venues before moving to Nashville in early 2015.

Jean has had several indie cuts featured in movies as well as 2 upcoming major label cuts. His song “Screen Door” won “Best Country Song” at the Smokey Mountain Songwriter Awards.

Jean recently released his single “Wise Man’ and is receiving airplay around the world. “Wise Man” has recently hit 100k+ streams. September 17 Jean releases a remix of “Wise Man” in collaboration with EDM/Electronic Pop artist Benny Levs.

When he is not touring between Florida and California, Jean is writing songs with and for some of Nashville’s hottest up-and-coming artists, as well as working on his soon to be released new EP

James is a Master Vocal Coach / Record Producer Mixer / Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter, who made his way to Music City by way of Los Angeles in 2015.

James toured for years, playing in LA, Nashville & Austin and wrote countless songs in all genres with many TV and film placements. James also played guitar with the rock band Dokken, and sang in the classic rock band, Nazareth. (Love Hurts)

James was a vocal coach for American Idol for 10 years. His years on screen and behind the scenes with Idol made him a household name in the Hollywood music and vocal coaching scene and landed him on the rosters of almost every major label as a vocal coach and producer, for many people in the industry he was their go-to guy!

James recently started a band called “The Pop Rocks” covering hits from the 80s and 90s.

Watch a replay of the round here:

See pics from the round here