NRS Series 4 Prelim 6 Recap

We had another great round at Preliminary Round #6! We had a total of 24 songwriters signed up and 21 shared their songs in front of 3 music industry pros and a great crowd at Wild Wing Cafe and watching online. We heard quite a few strong songs that could have won at any of our prelims!

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 6:

1. Dustin Spears
2. Mo Howard
3. Eli Teplin
4. Taming Renee
5. Clyde Neal
6. Cyndi Washburn
7. Taylor Whittaker
8. Jessica Dawn
9. Sean Cafferty
10. Colby Peterson
11. Max Walker
12. Laura Vance
13. Yanna Mead
14. Steal Hearts
15. Greg Pratt
16. Heidi Jean
17. Derek Scott
18. John Tison
19. C4
20. Anna Gavin
21. Mark Alan Cash

Laura Vance (Audience)
Heidi Jean (Industry)

Laura and Heidi will come back and join 12 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at Wild Wing Cafe. The finals will be held Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at Wild Wing Cafe.

Neil EBanks
Neil is a pop songwriter with several billboard chart toppers to his name. He’s also a local pop producer, CEO of, and organizes Franklin’s Indie Mix and Mingle, a quarterly music industry networking event.

George Cochinni
George has been a session guitarist since age of 19. Has performed on 23 gold & platinum albums, mostly in CCM, 3 of which were awarded Grammies. Some of the artists are, Michael McDonald, Steve Winwood, Steve Curtis Chapman, Michael W Smith, DC Talk, Safetysuit, Kevin Max. Some of the legendary players George has recorded with are: Steve Gadd, Tony Levin, Billy Preston, Jeff Porcaro, Matt Chamberlain, Kenny Aranoff, Rick & Jerry Marrota (steely dan & peter gabriel) , David Garibaldi, Alex Acuna, Luis Conte & Lyle Workman. Since the move to Nashville, George has appeared on approximately 140 albums. George has also written some of the biggest songs in Christian music, including the song “Colored People (Co-written with Kevin Max) and others.

Michael Whittaker
Michael is a producer, composer and graduate of the UCLA School of music. He is an Emmy nominated and Telly Award winner, with music featured in many shows and movies such as Americas Next Top Model, Funniest Pets and Animals, A&E Toby Keith Documentary, Battleground Earth Best Damn Sports, Biography of Tiger Woods, Dr 90210, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Leprechaun 6, Modern Marvels, Naruto Movie, Xyber 9 New Dawn, Access Hollywood, X Men Marvel Cartoon, The New Addams Family, The Power Rangers, The Ninja Turtles, Americas Most Wanted, Action Man and Nobel Peace Awards 2000 theme.

His new studio is a state of the art music production facility in Franklin, TN Velvet Cinema studio

Preliminary 6 Pictures