NRS Series 4 Prelim 8

We had an awesome Prelim Round 8 at Nashville Underground. 24 shared their songs, 3 more than usual, but we wanted to reward the songwriters for coming out and get more on stage. We heard many well written songs as usual!

The winners of Nashville Rising Song Open-Mic Contest Series 4 Prelim #8. From left to right, David Browning (music industry judge), Mike Castronovo (music industry judge), Steven Cade (music industry judges winner), Lacey Hartigan (audience winner), Shawn Carnes (emcee), Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director).

Preliminary Round 8 Songwriters:

1- Rick Ryman
2- Lacey Hartigan
3- Rodney Overton
4- JR McNutt
5- Evie Maes
6- Antonio Moraes
7- Brian Howell
8- Alisha Pace
9- CJ Fam
10- Chris Cole
11- Callie Cash
12- Dalton Stocks
13- Sam Rhoads
14- Steven Cade
15- Chris Perrine
16- James Clack
17- Liz Drollinger
18- Jake Durkin
19- Bobby Kendrick
20- Benny DiFranco
21- Ashley Hunter Mason
22- Gunner Scott
23- Brandt Carmichael
24- Eve Williams

TOP 3 Music Industry Judges Picks
Steven Cade
Brandt Carmichael
Ashley Hunter Mason

Watch a featured round with our Top 3 Picks Here


Steven Cade (Judges Winner)
Lacey Hartigan (Audience Winner)

Steven and Lacey will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Wednesday March 20, 2019 at 7PM at Nashville Underground. The finals will be held Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 7PM at Nashville Underground.


Producer/Programmer/Songwriter David Browning has been an active force in the professional music scene for two decades. Starting his professional career as a touring keyboardist, David traveled with many of Christian music’s top artists, including Avalon, Natalie Grant, Greg Long, Michael English, Billy Graham Ministries, Tony Vincent, Al Denson, Joel Osteen Ministries, Lisa Bevill and Beyond The Blue.

Progressing further as a songwriter and producer, David worked with many renowned artists, including the infamous “Christian years” with Katy Perry, Amy Grant, Ce Ce Winans, Jump 5 and Japanese sensation JP Lam, as well as broadcast production work for NFLʼs Monday Night Football and Pro Bowl, ESPN and others.

David has also worked remotely with talented greats such as Neal Schon (Journey), Mickey Thomas (Starship), Dez Dickerson (Prince), soul diva Linda Clifford and platinum- selling country great Paul Brandt, and side-by-side with songwriting and production moguls Diane Warren, John Bettis, Dennis Matkosky, Keith Thomas, Peter Zizzo, Ric Wake, Brett James, Martin Briley and James Slater.

David is also the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer and head of A&R for Crowd Music, a distribution/promotion company based here in Nashville.

Crowd Music pays Music Creators FAR MORE than any other platform for the songs they release exclusively through Crowd, and gives them more powerful exposure from a new fanbase that is financially incentivized to tell others about them. Crowd Music is the future of Music!

Mike Castronovo is the Founder & CEO of CROWD MUSIC, a revolutionary music discovery and distribution platform that’s paying artists and songwriters fairly again by providing a Crowd of listeners that will BUY their music and then get PAID for helping promote it.

Mike spent over 25 years as a global industry leader in Finance, Banking & Wealth Management. God gave him insight through this background to develop a way to help solve the challenges faced by every Artist in music today… getting them paid fairly for the music they create.

See all 24 performances from this round below:

See pictures of all songwriters who competed at this round below: