NRS Series 6 Prelim 3

We had another excellent round at Prelim #3. 20 songwriters came out to share their songs. Everyone had the opportunity to perform! We heard quite a few good songs this round!


Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 3:

1- Cyndi Washburn
2- Kris Rowdy
3- Esther Melody Smith
4- Keith Brasfield
5- Tommy”Wolf” Mesker
6- David Boles
7- Rhonda Eisenhauer
8- Brandon Kent
9- Laura McGhee
10- Ben Travis
11- Jodelle Steele
12- Georgia Clark
13- Hugh Heagney
14- Brad Van Orman
15- Will Duvall
16- Katie Harrah
17- Jared Minnix
18- Rheannon MacFarland
19- Holly Winter
20- Jim Sullivan

Georgia Clark (Audience)
Ben Travis (Industry)

Georgia and Ben will come back and join 18 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at Wild Wing Cafe. The finals will be held Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at Wild Wing Cafe.

BOBBY EARL RAY- Bobby owns and operates Townsend Blvd Studio in Franklin, TN. Bobby has been a musician and producer for years, as a signed artist to GEFFEN RECORDS. Learn more at: Townsend Blvd Studio

KIM SHRUM- Kim has had a long career in the music business. He is a musician, producer, manager, and has worked with many top companies including Opryland, BMI, SONY/BMG, Walt Disney World, and others. He currently is the CEO of Dream Music Group, an artist development company that helps artists realize their musical ambitions. Kim also is involved in a new film called “Memphis Sun” as their videographer and music director.Learn more at: Dream Music Group