NRS Series 8 Prelim 3

We had another great round at Prelim 3! 34 songwriters came out to compete, and we randomly picked 21 to share their song. Another excellent turnout, we’re seeing more and more fans of music and music industry people coming out to learn about new talent. Mission accomplished! The team at Kings Bowl-The Whiskey Room Live have done a fantastic job creating a venue that is perfect for our event! We thank them for their support and sponsorship.

Our winners winners of Nashville Rising Star Songwriter Open-Mic Contest Series 8 Prelim 3. From left to right, Brian Lucas (music industry judge), Dennis Dearing (music industry judge), Andrew Bennard Thomas (music industry judges winner), Scorr Anderle (audience winner), Jaylen Coleman (VIP manager of Kings Bowl) and NRS creator/director Keith Mohr.

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 3:

1- Tyler Brent
2- Jess Justice
3- Scott Anderle
4- Juliana Hale
5- John Korbel
6- Raquel Rothschild
8- Cyndi Washburn
9- Robert Biehn
10- Spencer Ryan
11- David Christopher Ivey
12- Andrew Bennard Thomas
13- Reina G.
14- Morgan Clark
15- C4
16- Mandy Moon
17- Steve Schultz
18- Phenix
19- Bella Hrvistova
20- Jonathan Pierce
21- Danny Trashville


Scott Anderle (Audience Winner)
Andrew Bennard Thomas (Judges Winner)

Scott and Andrew will come back and join 12 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at Kings Bowl- The Whiskey Room Live. The finals will be held Wednesday, March 8 at Kings Bowl- The Whiskey Room Live


BRIAN LUCAS- is a vocal coach located in Nashville, TN. Brian combines a strong educational background with real world professional experience to offer customized lessons to each individual client. On the educational side, Brian holds a performance degree with honors from the #1 music school, the Berklee College of Music, with additional studies at the Boston Conservatory. On the experience side, Brian has been a vocal coach, casting associate, musical director, band leader, pianist, vocalist and actor for: HBO, Dreamworks, ABC and Paramount, as well as numerous theaters and several Top 40 artists. He serves on the board of directors of SAG-AFTRA and is a member of the Pan American Vocology Association.

DENNIS DEARING- For over 25 years, Dennis Dearing has been passionate about creating quality music. His initial training at Belmont University in Nashville, mixed with his invaluable experience working with the very best in the Music Industry, has made him a sought after record producer, recording engineer, studio musician and songwriter. Dennis has the sincere desire to bring your artistic vision to life. Whether you are a major label artist with national distribution or an independent singer-songwriter just starting out, connect with Dennis and begin your creative journey.

Watch a replay of the entire event here: