NRS Series 8 Prelim 7

What a great finish to our open rounds for this series! We had 36 songwriters come out and we picked 21 by random draw. A strong group of songwriters at this round! We had over 4000 people watching our live stream over on our Facebook Page.

Our winners of Prelim Round #7 at Nashville Rising Star songwriter open-mic contest. From left to right, Chuck Whiting (music industry judge), The Hobbs Sisters (audience winner), Kassie Wilson (music industry judges winner), Serg Sanchez (music industry judge), James Lugo (music industry judge), Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director).

Here’s a recap of Preliminary Round 7:

1- Geena Fontanella
2- Jess Jacoy
3- Angela Meza
4- Betsy Harris
5- Scott Sanford
6- David Watson
7- Luke from England
8- Tylar Peoples
9- Mark Anthony
10- Nicole Nelson
11- Brandon McGuiness
12- Kaila Dakota
13- Jase Hackman
14- Allen Webb
15- The Hobbs Sisters
16- Tim Good
17- Kassie Wilson
18- Shay Haas
19- Friday
20- Shae Taylor
21- Joe Bayer


The Hobbs Sisters (Audience Winner)
Kassie Wilson (Judges Winner)

The Hobbs Sisters and Kassie will come back and join 12 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at Kings Bowl- The Whiskey Room Live. The finals will be held Wednesday, March 8 at Kings Bowl- The Whiskey Room Live


Serg Sanchez- Serg Sanchez is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach formerly on Jive records. Sergio’s band, Atom Smash, received international recognition with several chart topping singles.

He has written theme songs for CBS, WWE, NFL, MLB , and NCAA sports. He is currently a vocal coach, artist developer and songwriter signed to Working Group Management.

His clients have made it to the top of several shows such as The Voice, American Idol, X factor and America’s Got Talent. He has helped his clients on several major record and management contracts.

His most recent work includes developing country artist Morgan Wallen, now signed to Big Loud records.
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Chuck Whiting- Chuck is a Nashville-based publicist, music publisher, author and composer. His company, Music City Arts Network, represents country artist Scott Coner (Tanya Tucker duet/”Maybe She Lied”) and Chakra Bleu (number one pop/rock hit “All Of Me”). He also is the founder of the monthly “Tunesmithing” songwriters showcase. Chuck also serves as the editor of the arts publication Music City Arts Update. Connect with Chuck on Facebook and Twitter @MusicCityArts.
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James Lugo- is a producer, musician and vocal coach here in Nashville. His career as a singer / guitarist / songwriter spans decades and coasts. Cutting his teeth in the late 70’s playing in country and rock bands in Fort Lauderdale to headlining LA’s Sunset Strip in the late 80’s, James played guitar with the rock group Dokken and singing with Nazareth.

He toured for years, playing and living in Los Angeles, Nashville & Austin and wrote countless songs professionally in all genres with much commercial success and TV and film placement.

While living and working in Los Angeles, James was a vocal analyst and coach with American Idol. He was involved with the show for 10 years and directly worked on show for 3 seasons.

2015 brought James to East Nashville where he continues to be actively developing new artists and producing new music.

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