NRS Series 2 Preliminary Round 1

We had a great Prelim Round 1 at our new venue, Wild Wing Cafe! We love this place..awesome stage, nice lighting and sound. We had a good turnout and heard some excellent songs!

1- Evan Emory- “Good Morning Heartache”
2- Sean Cafferty- “Real Love”
3- Tyler Reardon- “Hydroplane”
4- Cam Liberty- “The Fever”
5- Dark Waters- “Everything”
6- Valerie Connelly- “Til Tomorrow Comes”
7- Gina Seagram- “Take It Back”
8- Chris James- “Tipsy”
9- Alex Travers- “Blind”
10- Sasha Aaron- “I Love To Fly”

Prelim 1 winners:
Gina Seagram- Audience
Sasha Aaron- Judges

Who Do you think our winners were? Feel free to leave comments below in our Facebook comments section at the bottom of this page.

Industry Judges:
Darwin Moody- Embassy Music
Ricky Lynne- Sabre Music Entertainment

Here’s a video of Sasha Aaron sharing her winning song!

Here’s pics of the event!