NRS Series 2 Preliminary Round 3

We had another great night of songwriting at Nashville Rising Star Preliminary Round 3. Some great songs, some surprising songs, and always a good time!

1- Will Harrison
2- Mark Staffen
3- Amy Berna
4- Chris James
5- Katie Harrah
6- Matt Mattero
7- Joe Forte
8- Fawn Larson
9- Kielli Chacon
10- Dark Waters

Prelim 3 Winners:
Dark Waters (Audience)
Chris James (Judges)

Darwin Moody- CEO of Embassy Music
Ricky Lynne- CEO of Sabre Music Entertainment
Chris Omartian- CEO of VZN Entertainment

Watch the live video of each of our contestants below.

From left to Right, Chris Omartian (industry judge), Chris James (Judges Winner), Adam Hamby- Dark Waters (Audience Winner) Cherish Hamby- Dark Waters (Audience Winner), Ricky Lynne (Industry Judge), Keith Mohr (NRS Creator/Director), Darwin Moody (Industry Judge).