NRS Series 2 Preliminary Round 4

We had another fun night at Nashville Rising Star! We never know who or how many songwriters will come out, since we do not audition, or take advance registrations. But we always have a great time and we always hear some great songs! We had a newbie to Nashville songwriter participate, and he said he was nervous. We put him at ease and he did fine!


1- Amanda Winter
2- Braden Baugh
3- Taming Renee
4- Paul Davis
5- Christine Harazim
6- Travis Isbell
7- Madeline Alston
8- Bryan Michael
9- Lisa Lavolta

Amanda Winter- Audience
Taming Renee- Judges


Sandy Ramos- The Song Tuner
Johnny Bulford- Johnny’s Facebook
Calynn Green- Calynn’s Facebook

Check out Pics from the event!