Nashville Rising Star Series 2 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to all of our Nashville Rising Star Series 2 Finalists! These were our preliminary winners from all 7 rounds. They will come back to Wild Wing Cafe in Cool Springs on Wednesday, December 17 to face off in our semi-final round. They will each perform 1 song. Our industry judges will select 3 and the audience will select 1 to move onto the final round, being held Wednesday, January 7 2015 at Wild Wing Cafe in Cool Springs. This is always a great round, so come on out and see who makes the final round!!

Prelim Round 1:
Gina Seagram- Audience
Sasha Aaron- Judges

Prelim Round 2:
Adam Bruno- Audience
The Main Street- Judges

Prelim Round 3:
Dark Waters- Audience
Chris James- Judges

Prelim Round 4:
Amanda Winter- Audience
Taming Renee- Judges

Prelim Round 5:
Paul Davis- Audience
Ashley Deckard- Judges

Prelim Round 6:
Amy Taylor- Audience
Carmen Brandy- Judges

Prelim Round 7:
Emily Heggan and Cory Fisher- Audience
Emma Brooke- Judges