Here are pics taken at our events over the years. Enjoy!

Series 10
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From left to right, Keith Mohr (Facilitator), Julia Ross (Miley Cyrus' Backround vocalist), Sue Mohr, Dani Elliott, Jay Denton (songwriter), and Don Demumbrum (National Underground Records VP of A&R)  . Dani was a contestant in our contest and she wowed us with her talent. (We connected Dani to Julia and she joined Miley Cyrus as her 2nd background vocalist on her 2014 European tour).  Oh, almost forgot... Don and National Underground offered Dani a deal with them as well. Pretty good results from being a contestant!


Here's Dani and Julia in Europe on Miley's tour (just to prove it:)


And here is Dani and Julia waiting for the show to start!


Here's Dani on stage at Wembly Stadium in London on Miley's Bangerz Tour!