* Songs shared MUST be original and NEVER published by a major publisher or cut by a major artist. The songwriter CANNOT be signed to a publishing company (other than their own publishing). The Songwriter MUST be the MAIN SONGWRITER of the song shared at Nashville Rising Song. Songs can be co-written, but only with songwriters who have not had a song published by a major publisher, or have been on the Billboard Top 100 chart, or have had 51% of their income derived by songwriting. If we discover that the songwriter co-wrote the song with a hit songwriter(s), and they win a round, they will be disqualified from the event.

* Nashville Rising Song is a singer-songwriter open-mic contest open to all songwriters, of all talent levels.

* Nashville Rising Song is a 12 week series, consisting of 10 open-mic preliminary rounds, a semi-final round, and a final round. See schedule and directions HERE

* At each preliminary round, the audience selects a songwriter/song they liked best and casts their vote at the end of the event via a poll located on our Voting Page. A panel of music industry professionals select their winner based on the quality of the songwriting and the commercial potential of the song. There are 2 weekly winners who will then move on to the semi-final round.

* There is time for a total of 21 songwriters, divided into 7 rounds of 3 writers at each preliminary event.

* There is no cover charge or fee to perform a song at Nashville Rising Song, However, at each open preliminary round, we will make available up to 10 optional, paid, reserved slots that can be purchased which will guarantee a performance slot. The other 11+ slots will be determined by a random drawing (only if over 21 check- in for a round.) To reserve your performance slot, visit our Signup Page.

* Advanced registration to let us know you plan on attending is accepted but does not guarantee a performance slot unless the songwriter opts for one of 10 guaranteed performance slots per round. GO HERE TO LEARN MORE.

* The event starts at 7pm sharp. Participants must check in with us at the venue to let us know they are in attendance by 6:30pm. Performance slots for the first 6 rounds (18 contestants) will be determined by a random drawing at 6:45pm. The final round of 3 will be drawn right before the final round from the remaining pool of songwriters.

* Songwriters can participate in as many preliminary roundss as they like, however, if they win a preliminary round, they cannot re-enter another preliminary round in the same series. They come back for the semi-final round. Previous series final grand prize winners cannot compete again (they retire:), but preliminary winners can participate in other series.

* Songwriters share 1 original song each in the preliminary rounds. If they come back to other preliminary rounds, they can perform the same song, or a different song. It is up to them to decide.

* Bring an acoustic guitar that has a direct line output or pickup. We can mic an acoustic if it does not have a built in pickup, but direct out always sounds best. We’ll have a digital piano there for keyboard players. We’ll provide the 1/4″ cords, direct boxes and microphones.

* No performance tracks, the song must be performed live either on guitar (or other stringed instrument) or piano. This isn’t about the performance, it’s about the song.

* No Acapella. The song MUST be performed with an instrument.

* You can have 1 person accompany you if you do not play an instrument. Duo’s are OK. Trios are not. Orchestras are definitely not. (sorry to all the tuba and bassoon players out there:)

* If you sign up as a duo you cannot also sign up as 2 single songwriters or a single songwriter. Pick one or the other.

* No house band provided. It’s all about the song.

* The Semi-Final features 20 semi-finalists performing 1 song each. The audience both at the venue and watching live online selects 1 song, and the judges panel rates each song from 1-100. The top 3 songs with the most rate points move onto the finals.

* The Final Round features 4 songwriters performing 4 original songs each. Our music industry judges and the viewing audience both at the venue and watching online determine the grand prize winning song. Judges rate each song from 1-100. The viewing audience favorite song is awarded 25 points. The song with the most rate points wins!

For more detailed info, please visit our FAQ PAGE