Semi-Final Info

Congratulations on making the semi-final round of Nashville Rising Star! We're excited you made the cut and are in the running to be our grand prize winner for this series!

DATE: Wednesday October 18, 2017 at 8PM at The Whiskey Room Live


Each of our semi-finalists will perform 1 song. It can be the same song you won your round with, or it can be a different song. It's up to you. We suggest the same song you won with, but if you wrote a hit since then.. well.. by all means. :)

The song you share can be co-written, but not with a hit songwriter who has had published cuts on major projects, or had a song on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. Thanks!

The viewing audience, (at the venue and online) will choose 1 songwriter to move onto the final round based on popular vote. Our music industry judges will select 3 songs to move on to the final round. They will give each song a number rating from 1-100. 100 being best. We will collect their voting sheets, add up the totals for each song and the top 3 rated songs move on to the final round.

All of our semi-finalists DO NOT pay the $5 cover charge, but anyone else who comes to the venue will pay the cover charge.

The Final Round has been moved to Wednesday October 25, 2017 at 8pm at the Whiskey Room Live.

1- Promote the event to your friends, fans, and followers! Encourage your Nashville based friends to come own out and cheer you on! Let's pack the house for this round! Post these on your Facebook and Twitter a few times per day from now until the event, it may just help you reach the final round! Let's work together to get more people involved in the event and learn about all of you! Here's a suggested post:

Facebook Post:
I made the semi-finals of Nashville Rising Star songwriter open-mic contest! I need your vote! Watch live and vote Wednesday Oct 18 at 8PM central at:

Twitter Post I made the semi-finals of .@NashRisingStar songwriter contest! I need your vote to move on! Watch live and vote Wednesday Oct 18 at 8PM central at:

2- Please be sure to check in with me in person when you arrive. Please check in between 7:00-7:30pm.

3- Please be sure ahead of time that your guitar is in working condition. Put fresh strings on and change the battery and shine it up. We want to be sure your performance is great the moment you hit the stage! Make sure your guitar is in tune!

4- Randi Driscoll is bringing her digital piano for her song. Anyone else that needs keys is welcome to use Randi's keyboard.

5- IMPORTANT: Please bring 5 SETS of your lyric sheet for our judges. MAKE SURE your lyric sheet has YOUR NAME and YOUR SONG NAME clearly at the TOP of your lyric sheet. Keep your lyric sheet to 1 PAGE. Print in BLACK INK. Use ARIAL Font at SIZE 12 if possible. Only need the chorus typed out 1 time, unless it changes during the song. Thanks!

6- If you need to reach me the day of the event, my # is (931) 674-1799. Text me there.

Here's the list of our semi-finalists, in order of performance!

Round 1
1- Angela Fenton
2- Amy Lynn
3- Katie Davis

Round 2
4- Kacey Velazquez
5- Chuck Richard
6- Ian McConnell

Round 3
7- Jessica Coffey
8- Jess Jocoy
9- Shannon McNeal

Round 4
10- Landon Wall
11- Ben Becker
12- James Gregory

Round 5
13- Alyssa Lynn
14- Chip Phillips
15- Brooke Alexx

Round 6
16- Callie McCoullough
17- Brady Alan Jones
18- Samantha

Round 7
19- Jace Seavers
20- Randi Driscoll
21- Ashlyn Levoy

Thanks for being a part of Nashville Rising Star!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Keith Mohr