thank you man, all thanks to your show, so thank you for doing what you do! ~ Cole Burkett

(Cole, who was a finalist in series 2 was recently signed by Shawn Carnes of Nashville Underground Management. He also manages Steven Batty, who wrote the song “One Number Away” for Luke Combs). Cole recently had some of his song produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Kenneth (Babyface Edmonds) in Los Angeles!

Venue Info:
Nashville Underground
105 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37201

Click Here (There are parking lots, garages and some free street parking around the lower broadway area.)

Please read ALL of the information so you understand how registering for Nashville Rising Song works. Please read the EVENT RULES before registering!

Registration Info

1- Letting us know you plan on attending here on our website, or as a walk-in signing up at the venue the day of the round DOES NOT guarantee you will be selected to perform your song during the contest unless you opt to purchase a guaranteed performance slot. (See Below).

Filling out the form below ahead of time lets us know you are interested in competing and planning to attend. (FYI: 50% who sign-up ahead of time do not show up at the actual round) This is why we cannot hold/reserve slots unless they are a guaranteed performance slot. It’s not about when someone signs up, its about how many check in at the event. (See #3 below for more info why).

2- Those who let us ahead of the event to tell us they plan on coming, or who walk-in to the venue the day of the round need to BE AT Nashville Underground, and SIGNED UP/IN with us by 6:30PM. We cut off signups/sign-ins at 6:30PM SHARP. (no exceptions) Each event starts at 7:00PM. Also, only sign up if you are able to come back to our semi-final round (March 20, 2019) and final round (March 27, 2019).

3- We have time for 21 songwriters/songs at each preliminary round. Up to 10 of those slots are paid guaranteed performance slots. If a total of 21 or less sign in with us at the venue by 6:30PM, then EVERYONE who signed in (either paid guaranteed performance slots or non guaranteed performance slots) with us by 6:30PM gets to share their song! If 22 or more sign in with us at the venue by 6:30PM, we will conduct a random drawing to see who performs their song, after it is determined how many songwriters check in who have a paid guaranteed performance slot.

We’ll draw the final 3 slots (Round 7) right before the last round. All who registered and checked in with us by 6:30 and who were not guaranteed performance slots or selected for the first 6 rounds are eligible for the final drawing. If we draw a #/name and they are not in the venue when we draw the final 3 names, we’ll keep drawing until the 3 writers for the round are selected.

4- You can register for any preliminary round you want at any time. You do not have to attend all rounds, but if you want to come out to participate and hopefully compete in any or all rounds, you are welcome! Let us know via the form below.

5- Each of the 10 Preliminary rounds is a new event with new music industry judges and returning and new songwriters.

6- If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must register you for this event.

Let us know you plan on coming to share your song at any of our preliminary rounds by clicking the button below.


We also offer up to 10 guaranteed performance slots that can be reserved for any of the 10 open-mic preliminary rounds. Guaranteed slots are $25. We offer these to songwriters who may be coming in from out of town, or who want to be assured they will perform their song. Most weeks, we have more songwriters than we have slots. (More info on that below)

We will have 11+ non-guaranteed performance slots that will be available at each of the 10 open rounds. The number of non-guaranteed performance slots depends on how many reserve a guaranteed performance slot.

Remember, letting us know you plan on competing does not guarantee you will be selected to share your song during the contest unless you purchased a paid guaranteed performance slot. It all depends on the final number of songwriters who show up and check in before 6:30PM at each preliminary round. See #3 above for more details. Your journey to winning Nashville Rising Song starts with YOU showing up!

You can sign up for any of the preliminary rounds at any time. You can compete in as many rounds as you like (but if you win a round, you come back for the semi-final round) To guarantee your performance slot, first let us know you are coming out to a round by clicking the button below. After providing us your information, you will be redirected to a page acknowledging your information has been received. You will be given info on how to send the funds to lock in your slot if you opted for a paid slot.

NOTE: If you do not arrive at the venue by 6:30 to check in, your name will be removed from our guaranteed performance slot list. No refunds are given for guaranteed performance slots under any exception, even if there are 21 or less songwriters and all are able to share their song. We have no control or knowledge concerning how many show up to compete until 6:30 the day of the prelim round.

Let us know you plan on coming to share your song at any of our preliminary rounds by clicking the button below.

NOTE: As of Thursday, January 17, We still have a few guaranteed slots for Prelim Round 3, January 23, 2019. Other rounds also have guaranteed slots still available. Sign up soon, because they will all be taken!

Check out our EVENTS PAGE for our current series schedule and links to results of each round.

Check out our EVENT INFO PAGE for helpful information on how to make your Nashville Rising Song experience enjoyable and successful!

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