NRS Series 2 Semi-Final Round

We had an incredible Semi-Final round of Nashville Rising Song Series 2! 21 songwriters, who were our weekly prelim round winners came back to see who would make the final […]

NRS Series 2 Prelim 10

We had a fantastic final open-mic round! 52 songwriters came out to compete, and we expanded the list and 30 writers performed their song live in front of a packed […]


We had a great round at Prelim 9 of Nashville Rising Song Series 2. We had a packed house and great songs were shared! 41 songwriters came out, and we […]

NRS Series 2 Preliminary Round 3

We had another great night of songwriting at Nashville Rising Star Preliminary Round 3. Some great songs, some surprising songs, and always a good time! Participants: 1- Will Harrison 2- […]

NRS Series 2 Preliminary Round 1

We had a great Prelim Round 1 at our new venue, Wild Wing Cafe! We love this place..awesome stage, nice lighting and sound. We had a good turnout and heard […]